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Open Educational Resources (OER) by Subject: History

History OER Textbooks

Course Materials

  • World Historical Gazetteer: linking knowledge about the past via place (CC BY) World Historical Gazetteer (WHG) is providing a collection of content and services that permit world historians, their students, and the general public to do spatial and temporal reasoning and visualization in a data rich environment at global and trans-regional scales.

  • African American History and Culture (Lumen Learning, various CC licenses)

  • Digital Collections (Library of Congress) A rich trove of primary sources, more than 300 digital collections are available that can be sorted by subject (e.g., American history, world cultures and history), original format (e.g., manuscript, film map) and division (e.g., music, rare books).   They include "Chronicling America," digitized newspapers from every state between 1789-1963, "Ansel Adam's Photographs of Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar," and the "Abdul Hamid II Collection," from a sultan of the Ottoman Empire, among many others.

  • Discover Black history with Artstor and JSTOR collections (Various CC & © licenses) We have consolidated a list of varied resources available on the Artstor/JSTOR platforms, from licensed collections to freely available community generated collections. We invite you to explore the resources – historic chronicles from manuscripts, newspapers, documents and recordings, the story of African American art told by the works themselves, photographic archives portraying the lives of celebrated African Americans and those we no longer know.

  • EDSITEment! (various CC licenses) EDSITEment provides access to NEH-funded media resources including videos, podcasts, lectures, interactives for the classroom, and film projects.

  • JSTOR – History Journal Collection (various licenses - OneLogin authentication required for Skyline Library collection access)

  • History of Western Civilization II (n.d., SUNY OER Services, Various licenses)

  • National Archives (National Archives and Records Administration) When we ask students to work with and learn from primary sources, we transform them into historians. Rather than passively receiving information from a teacher or textbook, students engage in the activities of historians — making sense of the stories, events and ideas of the past through document analysis

  • U.S. History Instructor Resources (2022, OpenStax, CC BY)

  • Smithsonian National Museum of American History (various CC Licensed and Public Domain resources)
  • Umbra Search African American History makes African American history more broadly accessible through a freely available widget and search tool,; digitization of African American materials across University of Minnesota collections; and support of students, educators, artists, and the public through residencies, workshops, and events locally and around the country.

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