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Open Educational Resources (OER) by Subject: Business

Business OER Textbooks

U.S. Hospitality & Tourism
Canadian Hospitality & Tourism
Food Product Development

Business OERs

  • Intro to Business (course) (Lumen Learning, various OER licenses)
  • GCF Global Quickbooks Tutorials and Resources (2022, GCF, CC BY-NC-ND)
  • Business Information Systems (2019) (Bourgeois, CC BY-NC) Includes Accessibility-compliant new edition of eBook, ancillary materials, and other instructor resources.
  • Introduction to Business (Saylor Academy) A survey course that exposes students to business terminology, concepts, and current business issues. The intent is to develop a viable business vocabulary, foster critical and analytical thinking, and refine business decision-making skills using the reading materials, exercises, and research assignments in this course, which simulate the workplace today. 
  • Principles of Marketing (Saylor Academy) This course covers the marketing process and examines the range of marketing decisions that an organization must make in order to sell its products and services. Students learn how to think like a marketer, focusing on consumer wants and needs through four activities: creating products and services that serve consumers, communicating a clear value proposition, delivering products and services in a way that optimizes value, and exchanging (or trading) value for those offerings.
  • Business Law and Ethics (Saylor Academy) An introduction to the laws and ethical standards that managers must abide by in the course of conducting business.  By the end of the course, students will have a clear understanding of the legal and ethical environment in which businesses operate.
  • GCF Global (Tutorials, videos, and other computer and business learning resources on topics such as Computer Basics, Excel, Office, QuickBooks and more, including teacher guides.)
  • Hospitality Management (2021, ASCCC OERI, CC BY)


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