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Open Educational Resources (OER) by Subject: Philosophy


General Philosophy
  • Introduction to  Philosophy: Aesthetics (2021, Rebus, CC BY) (Ed. Valery Vinogradovs): chapters include ancient aesthetics; beauty in art and nature; the nature of art; art and emotions; art and morality; aesthetics and politics
Textbooks currently in production (Rebus Community)
  • Philosophy of Science (Ed. Eran Asoulin): chapters include empiricism; Popper’s conjectures and refutations; Kuhn’s normal and revolutionary science; the sociology of scientific knowledge; feminism and the philosophy of science; the problem of induction; explanation
  • Social and Political Philosophy (Eds. Sam Rocha and Douglas Giles): chapters include the ideal society; the state of nature and the modern state; human rights, liberty, and social justice; radical social theories

Course Materials


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