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Open Educational Resources (OER) by Subject: Economics


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Instructional Resources

ER Supplementary Modules for Principles of Economics Courses 

The following seven modules are user-ready supplements to the Principles of Economics courses. They are linked to the Openstax textbooks but may be added to any course using Canvas. Each module is divided into separate lessons, each available to download individually into a course. For more information contact 

  • Adding Local Data to Openstax
    Approaches to making the unemployment chapter relevant to students using local data 
  • History of Economic Thought
    Nine lessons including resources and assignments on economic thought from classical, Marx, feminist, pluralist, institutional, Keynes, evolutionary, Austrian and neoclassical.  
  • Game Theory
    Four lessons on Prisoner's Dilemma, Strict dominance, Iterated Elimination, and Backward Deduction 
  • Climate Change
    Eight lessons on an important topic that receives minimal coverage in many textbooks. 


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