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Antiracism: A Resource Guide: Gender & Feminism

This guide contains resources in diverse formats compiled for students, staff and faculty by the Skyline College Library beginning in Summer 2020.

Featured Reading List: Angela Y. Davis

Angela Davis protesting from car at Juneteenth shut down of Port of Oakland, June 2020

Davis at Juneteenth shut down of Port of Oakland, June 2020. - Accessed from Angela Davis Facebook page.

Cornell University Library's Angela Davis Research Guide is a great place to find an up to date, annotated list of her publications.

While you won't be able to access books directly from this guide, you can decide which you'd like to read first, then Ask a Librarian for help locating the book in digital format.

Freedom is a Constant Struggle is available as an e-book from Skyline College Library.


At the Bay Region Community Colleges Racial Justice Forum held December 11, 2020, an audience member asked Davis for the books that most influenced her own activism. Here's her short-list: 

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Spotlight on Audre Lorde

Photo of Audre Lorde: Women are powerful and dangerous.

Photo credit: Robert Alexander, Getty Images

Audre Lorde, 1934-1992

Poet, essayist, and lecturer Audre Lorde spent a lifetime exploring the pleasures and pain of being a black woman in America. Lorde's was an essential voice in African American letters. Her work bravely confronted some of the most important crises in American society: racism, homophobia, the insensitivity of the health care system, relations between the sexes, and parenthood.  (Gale in Context: Biography)

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