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Antiracism: A Resource Guide: Race & Criminal Justice

This guide contains resources in diverse formats compiled for students, staff and faculty by the Skyline College Library beginning in Summer 2020.

Questions to Consider

How do racial perceptions of crime bolster harsh and biased crime control policies? -- The Sentencing Project, 2014

"Seeking the Right Questions on Criminal Justice Reform," Steve David, ACLU of Ohio, 2015

"Questions and Answers about Racial Profiling," Amnesty International

What do Americans think about race and policing in the US? "Ten things we know...," The Fact Tank, Pew Research Center, 2020

Should the federal government enact substantial criminal justice reform? 2020-2021 National Debate Topic

Photo by Sheila Pree Bright, Atlanta, June 7, 2020; printed in The Washington Post Magazine, June 28, 2020

The Latino Experience

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Recommend Resources

We look forward to your recommendations for additional resources to include in Antiracism: A Resource Guide.

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Race and Criminal Justice

On this page you'll find lists of recommended resources in a variety of formats by Skyline College faculty member Jesse Raskin, public librarians and community created reading lists related to policing, incarceration, and more. 


Staffers walk out of Congress in protest over Brown and Garner Cases.  Photo by Brendan Smialowski of Getty Images, showing Congressional staff during a walkout at the Capitol in December 2014.

Learn more about Race and Criminal Justice

Resources recommended by Jesse Raskin, Associate Professor, Paralegal Studies, June 2020 




Exposing Injustice

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