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CTTL Faculty Repository: Ungrading

Tutorials, articles, and professional development artifacts for faculty

Folks to Follow in Ungrading Twitterverse

Susan Blum, Author of The Ungrading Book @SusanDebraBlum

Fabiola Torres, from Glendale Community College (@IlearnNow)

Jesse Stommel - @Jessifer, author of An Urgency of Teachers, A work of Critical Digital Pedagogy

David Buck - leads monthly #Ungrading chat, @dbuckedu

Dr. Bri Brown - dissertation on contract grading, @ONE presenter on #ContractGrading

Michelle Pakansky-Brock - @ONE , #HumanizeOL

Dave Dillon, @blueprint_text

Ungrading Resources


▶ A comprehensive Ungrading Reading List (I believe this is from @meganvonbergen)

Wad-Ja-Get? The Grading Game in American Education—Howard Kirschenbaum, Rodney Napier, and Sidney B. Simon; With a new introduction by Professor Barry Fishman

Punished by Rewards—Alfie Kohn (plus “The Case against Grades”)

Hacking Assessment: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School—Starr Sackstein

Grading for Equity—Joe Feldman

UNgrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What To Do Instead)—Susan D. Blum, Editor

▶ The #UngradingSlowChat (June-December 2020)

▶ The #Ungrading Virtual Book Club (December 2020-June 2021)

▶ The #Ungrading Edcamp (November 4-6, 2021)

▶ The Let’s Talk! #Ungrading Twitter Spaces convos (December 2021-current)

Crowdsourcing Ungrading (open, CC-licensed text, with contributions from #ungrading folks)

Ungrading: A Road to Equity (my default presentation)

Questions about ENGL-121 (my *liquid* syllabus in which I introduce my ungrading assessment to students)

Labor Support Group [Template] (student groups of 5-6 members)

Charter for Compassion 

▶ Coming soon (I hope!). . . an open, CC-licensed children’s book— 

Gone Goes the Grade Bunch: An ungrading book for kids who see learning for what it is!

▶ From Jesse Stommel

Dipping Your Toes into Equitable Grading - Flex Day Presentation

Get the F Outta Here: Exploring Contract Grading (Slides and Webinar Recording)

Here are slides from the dissertation by Dr. Bri Brown on Contract Grading.  The presentation was made by @ONE on 3/4/22 and shared with permission.

Full webinar video

Equitable Grading Resources

Grading for Equity

Want some resources to help you explore equitable grading or even #ungrading?  Here are some you can try from, Dr. Asao Binoue, and others.

More Ungrading


▶ My Labor-Reflex Model


Step By Step Instructions for Ungrading in Canvas

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