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Communication Plan Bite Sized PD

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Elements of an Interaction Plan

  1. Course Information: List the Course Title, Course Goals, and Module Objectives; state whether the module is located at the beginning, middle, or end of the course.
  2. B1 Pre-Course Contact: Describe the ways that you initiate contact with students prior to or at the beginning of the module activities.
  3. B2 Regular Effective Contact: Describe how you initiate contact with students during the module learning activities.
  4. B3 Student-Initiated Contact: Describe the ways that students are encouraged to initiate contact with you during the module. What communication tools do you use?
  5. B4 Student-Initiated Contact with Other Students: Describe the opportunities that students have to initiate unstructured interaction with other students in the module.
  6. B5 Regular and Effective Contact Among Students: Describe the opportunities that students have to interact with one another about course content in the module.
  7. B6 Participation Levels: What are the participation expectations in the module and how do you communicate them to students? What tools or strategies do you use to evaluate participation in the module?
  8. E7 Content Meaning: How do you make connections between the course activities and students’ socio-cultural backgrounds and/or the socio-cultural backgrounds of others in the module?
  9. E8 Connection and Belonging: How do the module activities deepen connections among class participants and/or encourage students to connect to your institution and the discipline more broadly?
  10. Types of Interaction: Describe the forms of interaction that are used in the module (i.e., instructor-to-student, student-to-content, student-to-student, student-to-world). What forms of interaction are most strongly represented in the module and how do they fit in with your overall class design? In what areas can you improve course interaction for the module?

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