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CTTL Faculty Repository: Equity Deep Dive

Tutorials, articles, and professional development artifacts for faculty

Grading for Equity (article)

Racial Equity in Online Environments from CUE (links)

  • Webinar I – Series Introduction: The Importance of Equity-Minded Virtual Practices During COVID19: A Conversation with Students 
  • Webinar II – Equity-Minded Online Teaching: Using Canvas as a Model 
  • Webinar III – Being Aware of Learning Opportunities and Constraints Posed by Online Teaching and Moving Towards Anti-Racist Practices
  • Webinar IV: Online Support as an Anti-Racist Practice
  • Webinar V: Equity-Minded Mathematics Instruction
  • Webinar VI: How to Express Care with a focus on Racial Equity

Equity in Math Instruction and Other Subject Areas

Equity Minded and Culturally Affirming Teaching Practices - Webinars

Webinars on Equity and Racial Issues in Online Learning


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