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Selfie Field Trips

Example from Rachel Cunningham:

For full points, each student must 1) post a picture of their field trip (it doesn’t have to be an actual selfie, and now that we are in a pandemic, I am allowing photos from online as long as they cite the source), 2) answer the questions in the prompt about their field trip location, and 3) respond to at least two of their classmates’ posts. I really love it when students do use selfies – it’s nice to see the faces of our classmates in asynchronous classes! – and sometimes pets, kids, and friends make appearances too (I remind the students never to take a photo of someone else without their express permission). My goal was to get them out into the real world looking at examples of how geography is a part of their everyday lives, in ways they possibly hadn’t thought of before.


Exit Tickets

Exit tickets are a great active learning strategy for students to reflect on their learning and any gaps in understanding. These can be done asynchronously after completing a module, in a face-to-face or zoom session, or any combination.

Exit Ticket Questions

Find more ideas from Brown University in this article.

Active Learning Presentation (Flex Day April 2021)

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