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Syllabus Checklist - Online Courses

Countdown to Canvas Course Launch (infographic)

Using Modules in Canvas (intro and video)

Modules can be used to organize your course by weeks, units, chapters, topics or whatever organizational structure works for your course. Within your modules, you can create a one-directional linear flow of what you would like your students to do and in what order.  Modules can be accessed by clicking the Modules button in the Course Navigation Menu along the left side of any course.  You may also choose to have the Modules page display as your course Home page.

Why Use Modules ?

  • Modules help keep course content organized not only for you, but for your students. Modules are like file folders--rather throwing every item into your course and hoping you and your students will be able to find it, modules allow you to keep things grouped by week, type, chapter, unit, topic, etc.
  • Modules help students navigate the course content. Modules are the only tool in Canvas that provides Next and Previous buttons. These buttons can be helpful for students to move through the content of your module in the order that you've provided it to them.

Using Pages in Canvas (intro and video)

Pages in Canvas are basically mini web pages, where you can add text, links, images, videos, and formatting like bulleted lists and headings. Pages can be used to add context to your course and the resources you'd like students to explore. You can use pages to create a course home page (also called a Front Page) that welcomes students to your course, module overview pages that introduce students to a module's objectives, topics and activities, and you can create pages that introduce students to each module's readings and videos.

Beautifying Canvas Pages (link)

Course Organization - Introduction to Student Resources (video)

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