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CTTL Faculty Repository: Video Captioning and Accessibility Tools

Easy way to add accessibility

Captioning Workflow (infographic)

accessible audio and video workflow

Recent Guidance on Funding for Captioning

Video Captioning Microcourse

Captioning Guidelines (from Chris Weidman)

Captioning Guidelines

The following are guidelines for when to capture video and audio materials:

Captioning Required

  • Material that will be archived or used in additional courses that has both video and audio.
  • Links to YouTube videos or other streaming video services (permission is not required if you use a caption overlay service).
  • Links to other publisher and other third party resources.
  • Any compilation of video clips that is archived.
  • Archived video material that is used in the classroom.
  • Video created by the campus and placed on a public website.

Captioning Not Required 

  • Video and audio material that is one-time use and not carried over to another term in a course with restricted access (such as a password-protected class).
  • Student work that will not be archived.
  • Be aware that a transcript or captioning may be required as an accommodation.

Transcript Required

  • Any instructional material that is audio only and is archived as part of your course.

Easy Button: Using Screencastomatic To Create and Host Close Captioned Videos

Screencastomatic has a free version, but with the affordable deluxe plan for educators, you have the option to edit your videos and add closed captions. The workflow is simple. The deluxe version cost $1.65 per month, or less than $20 per year.  

Here's a walk through of the process.


Pope Tech Accessibility Tool (demo video)

Why Caption Videos? (video)

Questions? Accessibility Specialist

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Questions? Instructional Technologist

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