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StudentCam Research Project: Assignment Description

LibGuide Created for Middle College Government class at Skyline College

Assignment Description

For this StudentCam Research Project you are being asked to create a (5-6 minute) video documentary on a topic related to the new 2020 competition theme, "What's Your Vision in 2020? Explore the issue you most want presidential candidates to address during the campaign."


For Clarity in your research, remember to to Include the four main parts of your documentary:

1. The Introduction
2. Main Point #1
3. Main Point #2
4. Conclusion

1. Introduction: 

  • Background information (Reference sources - online Encyclopedias)
  • Explain why this is an important issue (Current Event Databases)
  • How does this issue directly relate to the StudenCam Prompt?
  • Include a clear and concise Thesis Statement
  • Hook, Opening Quote, Anecdote, Exaggerated or Outrageous Statement, Etc.    

2.  Main Point #1:  What is the main idea you plan to explore in your documentary?  Begin finding evidence to support this idea.  (OneSearch in catalog for articles of evidence, Opposing Viewpoints Database)  
Remember to analyze information based on facts, statistics, and solid analysis of arguments.  

3. Main Point #2:  Explore your main idea using opposing viewpoints.  Why consider an opposite point of view? Because acknowledging  the opposition shows that you have thought critically about your topic and makes your argument stronger. Look for the MAIN opposing viewpoints against your position? List each important opposing viewpoint. Make sure you answer/rebuttal to these opposing viewpoints.

You can include counter arguments throughout your film or keep them all in one section. 

#4. Conclusion:  Below is a list of some of the components you should think about including in your conclusion. 

  • Restate you Thesis
  • Summarize your main points
  • Call to action
  • Bring film to a logical end/final thought
  • Connect back to the StudentCam Prompt

All in all, your documentary will include a combination of your own ideas, analysis, observations, and examples/details as they relate to your main research question.