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Skyline College Archives: Container List

Record Groupings

Group 1: SMCCD


Community Education


Promotional Materials

Reports & Research


Group 2: Skyline College Administration




Memos/periodicals/press releases

Community Education & Services 


Handbooks & Guides (includes plans & policies)

Office of the President

Promotional materials (not related to specific courses)

Reports & Research

Accreditation, Budgets Enrollment, Surveys Misc.


Group 3: Departments, Divisions & Programs

Departmental materials



Group 4: Participatory Governance

Academic Senate


Group 5: Student Life & Work

Associated Students


Literary Magazines, Newspapers

Group 6: Special Events

Anniversaries, Dedications

Group 7: Course Catalogs & Schedules

Group 8: Artifacts & Memorabilia 

Group 9: Reference 


Group 10: Audio-visual materials photos, posters, oral histories


Group 1: SMCCD (abbreviated:  “District”)

Box 1

Anniversary booklet, 65 Years…, 1987

Committees, Affirmative Action Committee, minutes, program description, 1974

Committees, Committee to Review Part-time Instruction, report, 1988

Community Education, “Community Services” catalog, 1983

Community Education, “Edventures” catalogs, 1984-1988

Cooperative Education brochure, c. 1970s

Directory, Personnel, 1969-1970

"Dynamic Dozen" district history, c. 1968

Newsletters, Campus & Community, vol. 4, 1969

Newsletters, Campus & Community, vol. 5, 1970

Newsletters, Campus & Community, vol. 6, 1970

Newsletters, News & Views, 1986-1988 (gaps)

Newsletters, Newsline, 1999

Newsletters, Summary of wednesday’s board meeting, 1985-1989 (gaps)

Newsletters, Connections, 1996-2007 (gaps)

Promotional materials, “Excellence for our Students,” 1987

Promotional materials, “Excellence for our Students, a Salute to Faculty,” 1989“

Promotional materials, “Discover your Future,” n.d.

Promotional materials, “Open your Mind…,” n.d.

Promotional materials, “Vision 2000,” 2000

Reports and Research, Budget report, 1997-1998

Reports and Research, Budget report, 2001-2002

Reports and Research, Budget report, 2002-2003

Reports and Research, Budget report, 2003-2004

Reports and Research, Budget report, 2004-2005

Reports and Research, Budget report, 2005-2006

Reports and Research, Budget reports, 2006-2007

Reports and Research, Budget report, 2007-2008

Reports and Research, Budget reports, 2008-2009

Reports and Research, Budget reports, 2013-2014

Reports and Research, Budget reports, 2014-2015

Reports and Research, Budget reports, 2015-2016

Reports and Research, Budget reports, 2016-2017

Reports and Research, Budget report, 2017-2018


Box 2

Reports and Research, “Evaluations and Recommendations for San Mateo Jr. College District,” 1969

Reports and Research, “Report to the Community,” 1982

Reports and Research, Project proposals for construction, 1998-2001

Reports and Research, “San Mateo Community College District Technical Reports, vol. I,” 1975

Reports and Research, “San Mateo Community College District Technical Reports, vol. II,” 1975

Group 2: Skyline College Administration (abbreviated: “Administration”)

Box 2 (Continued)

Admissions, application forms 1975-1976

Calendar of Events, 1969-1970

Calendar of Events, 1970-1973

Commencement programs, 1970s

Commencement programs, 1980s

Commencement programs, 1990s

Commencement programs, 2000s

Commencement programs: Student Recognition and Awards Ceremony, 2003-2009

Communications, Athletics Media Guide, 2003-2004

Communications, Bulletins, Skyline Bulletin, 1969

Communications, Newsletters, In-House, a News Letter for Faculty and Staff, 1981-1989

Communications, Newsletters, In-House, a News Letter for Faculty and Staff, 1990-1999

Communications, Newsletters, In-House, a News Letter for Faculty and Staff, 2000-2001

Communications, Press releases, vol. 1, 1970-1971

Communications, Press releases, vol. 2, 1971-1972

Communications, Press releases, vol. 3, 1972-1973

Communications, Press releases, vol. 4, 1973-1974

Communications, Press releases and radio spots, vol. 5, 1974-1975

Community Education Program, brochures and catalogs, 1970-1972

Community Education Program, program literature, 1973-1975, n.d.

Directories, Personnel directory, 1969

Directories, Personnel directories, 1972, 1975

Directories, Personnel directories, 1982-1989

Directories, Personnel directories, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1999

Directories, Personnel directories, 2000-2001

Handbooks and Guides, “Skyline College Planning Guide,” n.d.


Box 3

Handbooks and Guides, Disaster Plan, 1979

Handbooks and Guides, Faculty Handbook, 1969-1970

Handbooks and Guides, Faculty Handbook, 1970-1971

Handbooks and Guides, Faculty Handbook, 1972-1973

Handbooks and Guides, Faculty Handbook, 1973-1974

Handbooks and Guides, Faculty Handbook, 1977-1978

Handbooks and Guides, Faculty Handbook, 1981-1982

Handbooks and Guides, Faculty Handbook, n.d.

Handbooks and Guides, Skyline College SLOAC Framework Implementation Guide, 2013

Handbooks and Guides, Student guides, 1970s

Handbooks and Guides, Student guides, 1980s

Handbooks and Guides, Student guides, 1990s

Handbooks and Guides, Student guides, 2000-2002

Handbooks and Guides, Student guides, 2003-2006

Handbooks and Guides, Student guides, 2007-2009

Handbooks and Guides, Student financial aid handbook (Mandarin language?), 1998-1999

Office of the President, Memorandum, 1982-1989 (small selection)

Office of the President, Newsletters, President’s Notebook, 1999-2004

Promotional Materials, brochures and booklets, 1970s

Promotional Materials, “Fall for Skyline,” 1998-1999

Promotional Materials, “Step up to Success,” 1999-2000

Promotional Materials, “Spring into Action,” 2001?

Promotional Materials, “Creative Arts,” 1988-1991

Promotional Materials, “Career Success at Skyline College,” n.d.

Reports and Research, Accreditation, 1970

Reports and Research, Accreditation, 1971

Reports and Research, Accreditation, 1973

Box 4

Reports and Research, Accreditation, including correspondence, 1973-1974

Reports and Research, Accreditation, 1979

Reports and Research, Accreditation, 1984

Reports and Research, Accreditation, 1995

Reports and Research, Accreditation, 2002

Reports and Research, Accreditation, 2007

Reports and Research, Accreditation, 2013 (2 folders)

Reports and Research, Accreditation Quick Guide, 2019

Reports and Research, Annual Reports, 2011-2019

Reports and Research, College Almanac, 2006

Reports and Research, Enrollment Data, 1969

Reports and Research, Enrollment Data, 1970-1974

Reports and Research, Enrollment Data, 1975-1979

Reports and Research, Enrollment Data, 1980

Reports and Research, “Results of Survey of New and Continuing Students,” 1973

Reports and Research, “Cooperative Education at Skyline College,” 1973

Reports and Research, “Staff Satisfaction Survey,” 1973

Reports and Research, “The Mature-Woman Student at Skyline College,” 1974

Reports and Research, “Life Long Learning: Skyline Older Adult Program,” 1981

Reports and Research, Program Review, 1981

Reports and Research, “”Retention and Intervention Strategies,” 1992

Reports and Research, “Section Five: Skyline College…” community needs assessment, 1996

Stationary, cards and envelopes

Stationary, letterhead

Inventory (continued)

Group 3. Departments, Divisions & Programs

Box 5

Athletics, basketball & wrestling programs, 1969-1971

Athletics, “Skyline College 11th Annual Basketball Tournament,” 1991

Athletics, “Skyline College Men’s Basketball Information…”, 1997-1998

Automotive Technology, building dedication, 1993

Business Division brochure, n.d.

Cosmetology brochure, 1990-1991

Counseling, “Handbook for Counselors and Music Students,” 1988-1989

English-Foreign Language Division Course Descriptions, 1973-1977

Honors Transfer Program, newsletter Flasher, 2007

Honors Celebration programs, 2001, 2002

Journalism conference, “Newspapers Today & Tomorrow,” 1975

Journalism, Skyline Press awards banquet programs, 1983, 1985

Learning Center brochure, n.d.

Library handbooks, 1969, 1970s

Library brochures, Skyline Library News, c. 1989-1996 

Newsletter, The Evening News, 1990-1993

Newsletter, The Fog Horn, 1986

O.E.P. News, 1972

Performing Arts, Rocky Horror, 2009

Rock the School Bells Hip-Hop Conference

“Transfer Science Students: A 17-year Follow-up Study,” 1987

Women in Transition brochures

WoW! Women on Writing conference, 2005-2009

Group 4: Participatory Governance

Box 5 (continued)

Academic Senate, constitution, n.d. 

Academic Senate, Curriculum Committee minutes, 1986-1987

Academic Senate, newsletters - Outlook, 1982-1985 (gaps); Please Take Note!, 1987-1988 (gaps), memorandum, 1982-1983 (gaps)

Ad Hoc Committee, Skyline Minority Program, 1970

SMJCD Campaign, Emergency Tax Override, 1970-1971

Group 5: Student Life and Work


Box 5 (continued)

BSU Black Culture Week and Student Strike, May 1970

Periodicals, Agora Social Sciences Division literary magazine, 1970-1972

Periodicals, Fog, 1995


Document Boxes 1-5:

Periodicals, Talisman, 1970-


Group 6: Special Events

Box 5 (continued)

Anniversaries, 15th, promotional materials and newspaper editions, 1984

Anniversaries, 15th, scrapbook, 1984

Anniversaries, 20th, newspaper clippings, 1989

Anniversaries, 20th, promotional materials, 1988-1989

Anniversaries, 20th, Skyline Press, “20 Years, Moments to Remember,” 1989

Anniversaries, 25th, promotional materials, 1994

Anniversaries, 30th, promotional materials, 1999-2000

Campus Center groundbreaking, freedom shrine (library), 1972

College dedication, 1970


"Expanding Your Horizons" conference brochures, 2001, 2008

Library building dedication, 1996

Opening Day celebration programs, 2006-2019

Science, Business and Language Arts...Ribbon cutting ceremony, 2007

Women’s Day, 1991



Inventory (continued)

Group 7: Course Catalogs & Schedules

Box 6

Continuing Education, 1974-1975

Continuing Education, 1975-1976

Continuing Education, 1976-1977

Dedication edition (catalog), 1969-1970









1978-1979 (missing Spring 1979)




1982-1983 (missing Spring 1983)



Box 7







1989-1990 (missing Spring 1990)



1992-1994 (2 folders)

1994-1996 (2 folders)

1996-1998 (2 folders)

1998-2000 (1folders)


Box 8

1998-2000 (1folders)

2002-2004 (2 folders)

2004-2005 (2 folders)

2005-2006 (2 folders)

2006-2007 (2 folders)



Box 9

2007-2008 (2 folders)

2008-2009 (2 folders)

2009-2010 (2 folders)

2010-2011 (2 folders)

2011-2012 (2 folders)

2012-2013 (2 folders)

2013-2014 (2 folders)

2014-2015 (1 folder)


Box 10

2014-2015 (1 folder)

2015-2016 (2 folders)

2016-2017 (2 folders)

2018-2019 (1 folder)

2019-2020 (1 folder)

Group 8: Artifacts and Memorabilia

Box 11

Binder, red with “Skyline College” in gold letters,  c. 1970s

Bookmark, c. 1970s

Brass printing plate, trees with pathway, n.d.

Mousepads, 1999

Mousepads, n.d.


Pins, n.d.

Printing plate, brass

Anniversary pins, 15th, 25th, 30th

Postcards, n.d.

Seals (stickers), n.d.

Group 9: Reference

Box 9 (Continued)

Newspaper clippings, April, 1969-May, 1970

Newspaper clippings, July-October, 1970

Newspaper clippings, November-December, 1970

Newspaper clippings, September, 1970-January, 1971 (Missing: Feb 71-Oct 72)

Newspaper clippings, November-December, 1972

Newspaper clippings, January-February, 1973



Box 10

Newspaper clippings, March-May, 1973 (Box 10)

Newspaper clippings, May-August, 1973

Newspaper clippings, September-December, 1973

Newspaper clippings, January-February, 1974

Newspaper clippings, March-May, 1974

Newspaper clippings, July-November, 1974

Newspaper clippings, October-December, 1974

Newspaper clippings, January-February, 1975

Newspaper clippings, March-May, 1975

Newspaper clippings, June-September, 1975

Newspaper clippings, 1987

Newspaper clippings, 1988

Newspaper clippings, 1989

Newspaper clippings, 1990

Publications, “Background Papers, The Challenge of Change: A Reassessment of the California Community Colleges,” n.d.

Sweeney Ridge Dedication Day program (history)

Union Literature, AFT contracts, negotiations updates, Advocate newsletter, 1982-1988 (gaps)

Union Literature, CTA Forum newsletter, 1982-1983

Group 10, Audio-visual Materials (Box 12, unboxed)



Architectural records

Blueprints and drawings, campus and library, c. 1965-1995

Renderings in color, Library/Learning Resource Center, and Skyline College sign (as planter), n.d.



Campus, aerial view, b&w 1960s (pre-1969) OVERSIZE

Career Day, b&w, c. 1990s

College logo, 1969 OVERSIZE

Groundbreaking, color snapshots, March 1970s (Box 11)

Campus view, color (also on cover of course schedule) OVERSIZE



“Wow! Women on Writing, a conference celebrating International Women’s Day...” 2005

“Skyline College Celebrating Fifteen Years…” 1984

“Skyline College, The Sky’s the Limit,” n.d.

“Skyline College, The Pathway to your Future,” n.d.

“Skyline College, Step up to Success,” n.d.

“Skyline College, Explore your Horizons,” n.d.

Newspaper article, “Desolate campus, doorway for pioneers,” laminated copy, 2000

Anniversary logo proposal, 1999