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Undocumented Students: Resources & Research: UndocuWeek 2021

UndocuWeek @ SMCCD: Monday - Friday (2021)

Past Events: Post a Message of Support (2021)

During Undocu-Week we encourage you to post a message of support and/or highlights of the week. (Use the pink + symbol in the bottom right corner).

To keep this online space safe, posts are moderated and will appear the following day.

CCC UndocuWeek Webinars


Systemwide Webinars: October 19-22, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

During Undocu-Week, the Chancellor’s Office is holding daily webinars from 1:00-200p.m. on critical policy frameworks & tools designed to support colleges with implementing undocumented student policy reforms. Webinars will include topics such as a review of statewide policies, data collection and use, and innovative use of funds.


Monday, 1pm Building Bridges: Systemic Solutions to Support Undocumented Students


This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Assembly Bill 540, the landmark legislation that opened the doors of higher education to thousands of undocumented students by removing the burden of out-of-state tuition. Join a special conversation featuring Acting Chancellor Dr. Daisy Gonzales, Chancellor Dr. Joseph I. Castro, President Dr. Michael V. Drake, and President Kristen Soares that will highlight systemwide efforts to support AB 540 students and discuss shared commitments to addressing remaining challenges to support the success of all of our undocumented students.


Tuesday - Friday Webinars: Register once to attend any or all webinars: 

Tuesday, 1pm Equitable Student-Centered Design to Ensure Undocumented Student Success

Wednesday, 1pm Innovative Uses of Funds to Support  Undocumented Students

Thursday, 1pm Effectively Using Data in a Complex Environment

Friday, 1pm Policy Context: Undocumented Student Rights & Resources 

Conference: This Event Has Concluded

Commemorating 20 Years of CA’s Landmark Legislation: A Celebration & Call to Action

October 18, 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

In partnership with the Chancellor's Office, Immigrants Rising is hosting a virtual conference that will bring together legislators, administrators, educators, students, and community members from across California to celebrate the successes created through AB 540. You're invited to commemorate this important legislation and highlight institutional support efforts — as well as build a statewide plan to reduce barriers and propose legislative solutions.