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Free College Movements: Conduct an Interview

Interview Tips

Student conducting an interview

Courtesy, Utica College.

For your research, you may want to consider interviewing your classmates or perhaps an expert.

In this way, you are creating the primary sources that reflect the different voices you want to represent in your research.

Interview subjects might include a politician advocating for free college, a college administrator, trustee (board member), an economics instructor familiar with college budgets, book authors, activists, students and others. 


  • Prepare your interview questions ahead of time; consider running them by a librarian or your instructor for input.
  • Once you've identified who you want to interview (aka your "subject"), ask ahead of time about recording the interview so you can excerpt parts of the interview in your paper or project.

Citing an Interview

For APA format, personal interviews are not included in your reference list because they do not provide recoverable data for whomever is reading your list. Cite them as in-text only, as "personal communication."

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