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Anti-Asian/Asian American Racism: A Resource Guide: Events and Programs

Get Involved, Stay Engaged!

Here are virtual opportunities to join in upcoming programs and discussions related to race, racism and antiracism.  All events posted are free and open to SMCCD students, faculty and staff or the public.  We will add recordings or reports of past events as they are available.  If there is an event we're missing, please let us know!

Radical Gratitude Spell

a spell to cast upon meeting a stranger, comrade or friend working for social and/or environmental justice and liberation:

you are a miracle walking
i greet you with wonder
in a world which seeks to own
your joy and your imagination
you have chosen to be free,
every day, as a practice.
i can never know
the struggles you went through to get here,
but i know you have swum upstream
and at times it has been lonely

i want you to know
i honor the choices you made in solitude
and i honor the work you have done to belong
i honor your commitment to that which is larger than yourself
and your journey
to love the particular container of life
that is you

you are enough
your work is enough
you are needed
your work is sacred
you are here
and i am grateful


by Adrienne Maree Brown

Featured Events

From the ASSC and the Center for Student Life & Leadership at Skyline College:

Our teams have worked diligently through the Spring Break to come up with meaningful and intentional Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month programming to end our Spring semester with a bang. In the wake of the violence in Myanmar and the Anti-Asian attacks here in the U.S. in our own great cities such as San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, New York City (+ countless other places) - the ASSC made a conscious effort to address some of the injustices we are seeing on our Asian community. To seek solidarity, a curated collection of events to take place online will happen between the end of April & through to the middle of May. We invite you to join us for each of the following events:

OPEN 24/7: here is our Padlet for our events with resources to tap into:
You will also find an assortment of zoom backgrounds, we encourage yall to visit & share the Padlet and hope to see you at the following events:

Past SMCCD / California Community College /National Events

Recordings of Past Events

Upcoming Events and Programs