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Sustainability Resources for Faculty and Students: Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials

Beyond Benign (Green Chemistry Education)

Beyond Benign develops and disseminates green chemistry and sustainable science educational resources that empower educators, students and the community at large to practice sustainability through chemistry.


Climate Interactive 

Climate Interactive is an independent, not-for-profit think-tank that grew out of MIT Sloan in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Based on a long tradition of system dynamics modeling, our simulations and insights help people see connections, play out scenarios, and see what works to address climate change, inequity, and related issues like energy, health, and food. Climate Interactive was named the top US Energy and Environment think tank, by Prospect Magazine.

Climate Interactive's En-Roads  is a transparent, freely-available policy simulation model that gives everyone the chance to design their own scenarios to limit future global warming. You can try your own experiments and assumptions, and get immediate feedback on the likely impacts. 


InTeGrate Teaching Materials

InTeGrate materials engage students in understanding the earth system as it intertwines with key societal issues. They challenge students to address interdisciplinary problems, engage in geoscientific habits of mind, work with authentic geoscience data and develop system thinking.


Project Drawdown

Project Drawdown is a climate change mitigation project that provides solutions to global warming in nine sectors: Electricity; Food, Agriculture, and Land Use; Industry; Transportation; Buildings; Health and Education; Land Sinks; Coastal and Ocean Sinks; and Engineered Sinks.


Resources for Rethinking connects teachers to lesson plans, books, videos and other materials that explore the environmental, social and economic dimensions of important issues and events unfolding in our world today.


Teaching Climate

Reviewed resources for teaching about climate and energy


Teaching Collections at Solutions U

These collections of solutions journalism stories were specially curated for educators or community leaders to use within groups of students, citizens, and changemakers. 



Project-based learning


Enactus is an experiential learning platform that brings together global business, academic and student leaders to create a better, more sustainable world. View Race for Climate Action and other Enactus Projects 


Project Ideas from New South Wales 

Sustainable Schools NSW supports the sustainability cross-curriculum priority for the NSW Syllabus and Australian curriculum. Search for sustainability focused learning resources.


Stevens Initiative 

The Stevens Initiative supports projects across the United States and the Middle East and North Africa. 

On Teaching Sustainability

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High Impact Practices

STEM Connector

STEMconnector is the leading corporation connecting all aspects of the STEM community from K-12 to global corporations. A research-driven professional services organization, STEMconnector provides corporate, postsecondary, K-12, nonprofit, and government members with enterprise-wide support to meaningfully develop, execute, and scale their STEM talent strategies.