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Sustainability Resources for Faculty and Students: Environmental Justice


Open Education Resources (OERs) & Open Access (OA)

Climate Justice League, Lesson plan (OER Commons), licensed under CC BY.

Environmental Justice, Lesson (OER Commons), licensed under CC BY NA-SA.

Good Corporation, Bad Corporation: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Economy (BC Campus OpenED), licensed under CC BY NA-SA.

Greening the Ghettolecture , licensed under CC BY NA-SA.

Integrating social and environmental justice into the chemistry classroom: a chemist’s toolbox(Taylor & Francis) open access article in Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews.

Race and Membership in American History: The Eugenics Movement, openly available on Facing History after registering to the Facing History website.

Web Resources

Connecting the dots: COVID-19 and environmental racism

This study’s conclusion points to America’s racist reality of health disparities that environmental racism has created for low-income people, people of color and black people in particular. In the United States, black people are more likely to develop hypertension and die from heart disease than any other racial group.


Earthjustice is a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth, and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment

Energy Justice Network

Nonprofit organization advocating for a "clean energy, zero-emission, zero-waste future for all."

Environmental Defense Fund 

Environmental Defense is dedicated to protecting the environmental rights of all people, including future generations. The site provides an extensive collection of online publications on biodiversity, environmental justice, climate change, health, and oceans

Environmental Justice Atlas: United States of America

Click on map to find linked information and data on social conflict around environmental issues in the U.S.

Environmental Justice, from the Environmental Protection Agency

Resources regarding the work being carried out by the EPA regarding environmental justice issues, include the EJ2020 Action Agenda.

Environmental and Climate Justice, from the NAACP

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Environmental and Climate Justice Program was created to educate and mobilize communities to address the disproportionate impact of climate change on communities of color in the United States and around the world.

Environmental Justice Case Studies from the University of Michigan

As part each students' coursework in Environmental Justice: Domestic and International, case studies were written on various grassroots struggles for environmental justice in the United States and all over the world. This assignment was an opportunity for students to apply the principles they have learned in the classroom to actual struggles. Only the best case studies were selected to be placed on this resource center.

Environmental Justice, from the U.S. Department of Transportation

Information on environmental justice history, policy documents, FAQs, case studies, training, and resources

Environmental Justice Government Information

Guide on environmental justice government information (as well as some NGOs) from the University of Illinois Information School

Environmental Justice-National Library of Medicine

NLM site on research tools, federal statutes/regulations/reports, information on brownfields, topic-related searches in PubMed and NLM, organizations and news.

Environmental Racism Has Left Black Communities Especially Vulnerable to COVID-19

Racism suffuses nearly every system and institution in the United States, and the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted and magnified that racial inequality, as it has so many other injustices that existed before the pandemic.

Environmental Racism and Oral History Part I and Part II (Podcast)

Firsthand experiences fighting for environmental justice in the South.

Environmental Racism in America: An Overview of the Environmental Justice Movement and the Role of Race in Environmental Policies

The Goldman Environmental Prize is the world's foremost award honoring grassroots environmental activists.


Founded in 1993, The Greenlining Institute is a policy, research, organizing, and leadership institute working for racial and economic justice. We work on a variety of major policy issues, from the economy to environmental policy, health care and many others, because economic opportunity has many parts, and they all connect.

Indigenous Environmental Network

From their site: "IEN is an alliance of Indigenous peoples whose mission it is to protect the sacredness of Earth Mother from contamination and exploitation by strengthening, maintaining and respecting Indigenous teachings and natural laws."

The Inequitable Impact of the Environment on Health (Podcast)

In this episode we’ll hear from School of Public Health faculty, community partners, and alumni working in environmental policy about the disproportionate environmental risks that communities of color face in the age of climate change and what can be done at the policy-level to balance out inequitable burdens of poor environments and environmental health outcomes.

Not In My Backyard : Executive Order 12898 and Title VI as Tools for Achieving Environmental Justice 

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. October 2003. 

Racial Equity Tools: Environmental Justice

Racial Equity Tools is designed to support individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity. It offers tools, research, tips, curricula, and ideas for people who want to increase their understanding and to help those working for racial justice at every level – in systems, organizations, communities, and the culture at large.

Which Cities Have Concrete Strategies for Environmental Justice?

"Historically, local zoning codes and land-use laws have enforced segregation. Now, cities are using the same tools to enact environmental justice." - Bloomberg Citylab article by Nicole Javorsky.