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ENGL 100 Jones: Advanced Google Searching

Advanced Google Searching: Dates

Step 1. Select Tools



Step 2. Select AnyTime & Scroll down to Select "Custom range..."



Step 3. Enter the date range.These years correspond to the publication dates for materials you've retrieved.


Advanced Google Searching: OR, Quotations, Truncation & Site Limitors

Advanced Google search 

To search for multiple concepts: 

  • use ORs between words for the same concept.
    • example:   LatinX OR Latino OR Hispanic
  • use quotes (" ") around phrases.
    • example: "Black Lives Matter"

To limit to a specific domain, use site: in front of the domain name (no spaces)

  •   will limit a search to just .edu sites 
  • OR   will limit a search to either .edu or .gov sites
  •  will exclude .com sites

To limit to a specific website, use site: in front of the website address (no spaces)

The Atlantic           (

The New Yorker     (

NPR                       (

New York Times     ( 

Washington Post (


Advanced Google search examples: 

Nuyorican Stereotypes "Lower East Side" 

Nuyorican  Identity "South Bronx"

Nuyorican  Identity "South Bronx" OR