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ENGL 100 Jones: OneSearch: Find Articles

What are library databases?

library database is a searchable electronic index of published, reliable resources. Databases provide access to a wealth of useful research materials from academic journals, newspapers, and magazines. Some databases also include e-books, relevant Web resources, and various multimedia.

Search Strategy: Using Key Words

Because library article databases don't understand natural language, keywords are part of our search strategy to find the best academic sources available online.

Keyword Searches:

Tip #1: When searching for articles in a database, choose keywords instead of typing in a sentence or question.  

Tip #2: When developing keywords, identify main ideas, synonyms, and broader, narrower, or related terms.

Online Research: Tips for Effective (Search) Strategies: This three minute video describes three important search tips that will save you precious time.

Find Articles in OneSearch

In class I'll show a sample search that's related to your paper topic but not exactly what you'll be searching for yourself.

Broad topic for background research: Sexual identity among African American men.

Narrower topic - research question: What social/societal factors adversely affect sexual identity of college-aged African American men?

Go to OneSearch.

Specific Database: Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) *
Full-text articles from leading journals. Coverage is multi-disciplinary and includes full text for more than 3,700 peer-reviewed titles; searchable cited references are provided for more than 1,000 titles. Updated daily. 1975 -

Sample Search: Academic Search Complete