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ECE 210: Research Process: Find Books

Book Searching Tips

Search Any Field to search using keywords:
e.g.  special education

Have a phrase? Search with quotes:

e.g.  "attention deficit disorder "

Search  Subject Field, which utilizes the Library of Congress Subject Headings to locate items on the same subject.

For your current assignment, try the following relevant subject headings:

  • Dual language learners
  • Early childhood education, social aspects
  • Multicultural education, study and teaching
  • Toleration, study and teaching, early childhood
  • Inclusive education


Interesting Books in the Library

Browse the Shelves by Subject (Call #)

Skyline Library shelves books according to the Library of Congress Classification System.  Titles for Early Childhood Education can be found under the headings below.  You can browse the shelves in the following call number ranges:

HQ767.8 - 792.2 : Children.  Child development including child rearing, child life, play, socialization, children's rights.

HQ1075-1075.5:  Sex role

HV888 - 907 : Children with disabilities.


LB : Theory & Practice of Education

LB1050.9 - 1091 : Educational psychology

LB1101 - 1139 : Child study

LB1139.2 - 1139.5 : Early childhood education

LB1140 - 1140.5 : Preschool education. Nursery schools.

LB1501 - 1547 : Primary education

LC : Special Aspects of Education

LC1099-1099.5: Multicultural education (General)

LC1200-1203: Inclusive education LC1390-5160.3


Library of Congress Classification System