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Poetry: The Talisman

The Talisman

Welcome! The Talisman, Skyline College magazine of student poetry, prose & art, is available at Skyline College Library (Building 5, 2nd floor) in both print and digital formats. 

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From the Archives...

Talisman: Skyline College Magazine of Student Poetry, Prose & Art

Skyline College’s literary magazine, Talisman, is celebrating its 48th year of sharing the creative literary works of our students.

Dating back to the 1970s, the original Talisman sprung up from mostly faculty members writing on the political issues during that era as stated in a supposed “legend,” and an old journalism advisor from that time was said to be involved in that as well, until it grew to be more of a student magazine, according to Katharine Harer, a creative writing teacher at Skyline and former advisor of the Talisman.

Browse or check out issues of the Talisman ("Skyline College Magazine of Student Poetry, Prose & Art)" dating back to 1970 from Skyline College Library.