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Street Lit/Urban Fiction: Reviews & Criticism

Some like it; some don't

Criticism: Some critics claim that books in this genre aren't well-written; others argue they have as much literary merit as books in other genres. Of course there may be "bad" books in this genre just as "bad" books exist in other genres. On this page we've provided sources to help you decide for yourself.


Street Lit Crit

The covers and content of some street lit books have been criticized for objectifying the female body and glorifying male attitudes of machismo.

Street lit books often contain explicit sexual content and graphic violence.

Critics complain these representations emphasize stereotypical assumptions about individuals and portray overly sexual characters. 

The Word on Street Lit: Book Review Articles

For seven years teen specialist librarian Rollie Welch wrote a regular column called The Word on Street Lit reviewing new urban literature. 

To find these reviews, search the Library's Academic Search Complete database using the example below: 

Street Lit as Crime Fiction