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Street Lit/Urban Fiction: Street Lit/Urban Fiction

What to call It?

Street literature goes by many names:

  • Street lit or fiction
  • Urban lit or urban fiction
  • Hip-hop lit or hip-hop fiction
  • Ghetto lit
  • Gangsta lit

The term "urban fiction" is used more often for these kinds of books. However, this guide and other reference sources use "street lit" to include both fiction and nonfiction, as "urban fiction" tends to include subgenres of books that are not street lit.

Welcome to Street Lit!

This research guide is for Skyline students wanting to know more about "street lit" and urban fiction.

Whether you're researching this category of literature for a class assignment, looking for information on a particular book or author, or browsing for something to read, use this guide as your starting place! 


Street Lit has been around...

Street lit has been around for a long time. Consider an example from the late 19th century: Stephen Crane's Maggie: A Girl of the StreetsIt was published in 1893.

It focuses on an Irish immigrant family living in the ghetto who speak an Americanized Irish dialect.The characters struggle to survive in the 19th century world of poverty and violence.


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