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Library Events & Outreach, 2023-2024


Skyline Stories of Self-fullness A new discussion series presents opportunities to hear other's stories and perhaps share your own. Each session explores a different topic, with group discussions designed to build connection, community and expand understanding; to find camaraderie and reduce isolation; to exchange ideas through stories. The series is facilitated by Skyline College Library, Personal Counseling and Active Minds Club, taking place in person at the Library and open to all members of the Skyline College community.

How it's going to work:
At each meeting, we'll review group norms and have a SHORT explanation of the topic, share some prompts to help guide sharing, and a designated guest will begin by sharing their story. Those present can then share through a variety of means which may change at each meeting (speaking, art/drawing, digital means, and others).

What is Self-Fullness?

To be Self-Full means having an innate understanding of your self-worth, and protecting one's heart from feeling empty and overwhelmed. Sharing stories of failure, triumph and everything in between is an important part of acknowledging and accepting oneself and valuing one's self-worth. We look forward to sharing our stories and hearing yours!