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Spanish (Language Arts): Spanish Language Open Educational Resources (OER)


Spanish Literature


  • Destinos (Annenberg Learner) Destinos teaches speaking, listening, and comprehension skills in Spanish. This telenovela, or Spanish soap opera, immerses students in a mysterious and entertaining story while viewing everyday situations with native speakers. It also introduces the cultures, accents, and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico.
  • Spanish Grammar in Context (University of Texas Spanish in Texas Project). Detailed grammar explanations of the Spanish language. Unlike traditional reference grammars, each topic is explained using authentic video examples. Practice quizzes are available on an open Canvas course site. 
  • Spanish Proficiency Exercises (University of Texas/OER Commons). A compilation of brief video clips (with site index) in which native speakers of Spanish from various locations throughout Latin America and Spain demonstrate language tasks.  The exercises give students the tools to be able to talk about the same topics in Spanish.

OER Websites that link to journals, articles, and eBooks (Open Access/OER)

Course Materials

  • Cartografía Digital: Archivo de Literatura Digital en América Latina País (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) Cartografía de la Literatura Digital Latinoamericana está compuesta por una recopilación de obras literarias creadas para medios digitales, y cuya composición está marcada por el lenguaje de los códigos. Este proyecto surge ante la preocupación por cómo la obsolescencia tecnológica afecta la creación literaria, ante la constatación de que muchas de las obras con las que trabajamos han comenzado a desaparecer de Internet.
  • Cultura Digital Chile (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) El sitio contiene resultados de investigación publicados en artículos, entrevistas realizadas a creadores e investigadores chilenos/en Chile y una recopilación de trabajos creativos que experimentan con lo digital en tres áreas: música, literatura y cine.
  • La Primera Piedra (CC BY-NC) Contemporary readings, news, and entertainment resource.
  • Mi Gusta Volar (CC BY-NC 3.0 ES) Biligual travel website.
  • Europeana: Spanish Cinemathèque (CCø)
  • Acceso (The University of Kansas Collaborative, 2020, CC BY-NC) Digital Spanish Project, Acceso is an open-access, digital learning environment designed to promote the acquisition of Spanish and the development of cultural understanding of the varied groups of people who share Spanish as a common language.
  • Español para hablantes de herencia: Recursos OER by Margarita Casas is an open OER website for the teaching of Spanish as a Heritage Language at the Community College level. It includes several modules and guided activities for instructors to implement in the classroom. 
  • Teleplaza, a program hosted by the Institute for Language Education in Transcultural Context (ILETC) at CUNY,  facilitates telecollaborative connections among heritage Spanish and Latino Studies courses at the college level within the United States.
  • Spanish H5P Library (ASCCC Open Education Resources Initiative (Moon))
  • Introductory Spanish I (Lumen Learning, various licenses). Full course, including faculty resources and ancillary materials.
  • Introductory Spanish II (Lumen Learning, various licenses). Full course, including faculty resources and ancillary materials.
  • Hispanic Culture for the Spanish Classroom (Florida Open Educational Resource Repository). Cultural-themed modules (in English and in Spanish) aimed at the introductory Spanish language classroom (high school and college). Includes reading passages and lesson plans that emphasize Hispanic culture through primary sources (photographs, images, letters, documents, etc.) available for free on the Our Americas Archive Partnership website.
  • Spanish Literature (OpenStax). Modules in English and Spanish including lesson plans, reading passages, and resources that emphasize the Spanish language using cultural and historical material.


  • ASCCC–OERI Spanish Language Resources (2021, Various CC licenses) The four commonly taught Spanish courses at the California Community Colleges are: Elementary Spanish I, Elementary Spanish II, Intermediate Spanish I, and Intermediate Spanish II. In addition to these core courses, some colleges offer Spanish for Heritage Speakers I and Spanish for Heritage Speakers II; whenever possible, OER for these courses have been included in the following resources:


Spanish (Language Arts) Research Guide by Ame Maloney for Skyline Library is licensed CC BY 4.0, unless otherwise indicated.