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For Faculty: 4 options to integrate Information Literacy Online tutorial into your course.

How to Import Library Information Literacy Tutorial into your Canvas Course

Option 4 Quizzes/Assignments Only

Faculty members (ENGL 100/105 or any other course such as COMM, ECE, ESOL, etc.) can embed Skyline College Library' Information Literacy Tutorial. They need to be added to the information Literacy Course as a TA or Teacher.  Then they should be able to use these instructions to import the assignments & quizzes only into their own course(s). 

Below are the instructions for adding only quizzes/assignments from the tutorial to a course.

1. Go to: “Settings” in your Canvas course.

2. Click on: “Import Course Content.”

3. Select: “Copy a Canvas Course.”

4.  Then, Search for: “Skyline College Info Lit”, and select the course.


5. Check:  select specific content and then click import.

6.  Then under current job click select content.




7. Then select assignments & question bank and click select content.  The results will appear in assignments and quizzes