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English AA-T ZTC Pathway Development

English AA-T ZTC Pathway CCCCO Grant Project Overview

English AA-T Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Degree Pathway CCCCO Implementation Grant plan 2024 – 2026 Overview:
  1. English Language Arts faculty will develop thematic Canvas shells around key texts and inclusive of major assignments, and sample class activities to serve as a “starter kit” for anyone teaching the class, such as part-time faculty hired close to semester and recent graduates who are new to teaching. 
    • Courses to be developed include:
      • ENGL 100 - Composition (C-ID ENGL 100 - College Composition)
      • ENGL 105 - Composition with Support (C-ID ENGL 100 - College Composition)
      • ENGL 110 - Composition, Literature, and Critical Thinking (C-ID ENGL 120 - Introduction to Literature)
      • ENGL 165 - Composition, Argument and Critical Thinking (C-ID ENGL 105 - Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking)
    • These Course shells will be published to the Canvas Commons and shared with CC licenses.
  2. Faculty will brainstorm together for themes and texts, then individual faculty will take responsibility for developing the given Canvas shell(s)/course(s). 
  3. ZTC English Course development will engage our Skyline Librarian faculty colleagues and focus on utilizing the extensive Skyline Library eBook collection (35,000+) of eBooks with unlimited access licenses as well as Open Educational Resources (OER) to build thematic courses around. 
    • Electronic resources with Unlimited User Access licenses are considered “ZTC”. (See Libraries and ZTC/LTC: Frequently Asked Questions for more information)
    • OER are are high-quality teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under a Creative Commons license that permits their free use and repurposing by others, and may include other resources that are legally available and free of cost to students. (Hewlett)
  4. We will co-develop and implement a process and procedure for ZTC course materials support and requests in collaboration with the Skyline Librarian Team to support ongoing ZTC course offerings in ENGL AA-T ZTC degree pathway.

Using This Guide

This guide is intended as a resource for English AA-T ZTC degree development that includes