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Readings for ENGL 105: Visual Rhetorical Analysis: ENGL 105: Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources

Once you find books, articles, essays, web pages or other documents on a research topic, it is very important to evaluate those sources of information to try to develop a general understanding of the purpose, value, perspective and quality of any source you use in your research.


This short activity looks at the political perspectives of magazines and newspapers.

Pull out your BLUE Evaluating Sources handout for tips.

1. Take about five minutes to skim the article.

2. What clues did you notice for understanding the perspective of the journalist or interviewer? Does he/she reveal other perspectives or sides of the issue presented? (take a few notes)

3. Place the source of each article on the political spectrum (left, center, right) (hint: it's okay to google and even Wikipedia)


"Breaking point: Arizona congressman J.D. Hayworth on immigration"

"Border vigilantes and the wall they might be watching"

History's sinkhole: How did the US-Mexican border become the place where the American past chokes on itself?"

Think Tank Example

Center for Immigration Studies: Feasibility of a Border Patrol