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History of the Philippines: Articles

Article Databases

OneSearch (To log into our databases off-campus you'll need to use your email or Canvas login.)

Search most of Skyline Library's article databases and book catalog to find a wide range of articles from academic journals, popular magazines, newspapers and reference sources, e-books & other documents, plus print books available in the library.

Click on the link above to open a new database window

To search for more than one "concept", click on Advanced Search below the Search box.

In each search box, type the search word(s) for a separate concept.
Type an OR between synonymous words for the same concept.
Use an * to search for multiple words from the same root, e.g. legal* will find articles with the words: legal, legalize, legally
Use quote marks (“ ”) around search phrases (multiple words that should be searched together), e.g. “human rights”

For example:


disease* OR illness* or pestilence

Spain OR Spanish OR Spaniard*

Click the “Search” button to begin a search.

When the results page is displayed, click on an article title to see detailed information and a summary of the article.

To see the full-text of an article, click on PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text at the left of the detailed information page.

To print or e-mail an article, click on the print or e-mail buttons at the right of the article.

A source citation will also be sent when you email a document. You can select the citation format (MLA, APA, Chicago) from the menu in the email box.

History of the Philippines

Article Databases

World History in Context -  (Use your Canvas log in to access databases from off-campus) Use this database to search for primary source documents, reference articles, and full-text journal articles covering all aspects of U.S. and modern world history.

Enter search word(s) and click the Search button

  • At results page, additional articles may be available by clicking on the article type tabs--"Periodicals", "Primary Sources", "Maps & Images" & "Reference Materials" at the top of the page.
  • Click on the title of an article to display the full text of the article

Article Databases

JSTOR - (To log into our databases off-campus you'll need to use your email or Canvas login.). Use this database to find back issues of important academic journals, including many historical journals (no current issues) going back to 1838.

Excellent for in-depth academic journal articles on all historical topics except: recent history and articles published within the last 3 - 5 years.

For a basic/general search, enter search words & click Search.

To search for a specific topic, click on Advanced Search, and then enter search words for multiple concepts in the separate search boxes.

To search for exact phrases, put quote marks around the phrase, e.g. “Thomas Jefferson” or “freedom of the press”

To limit your search to regular journal articles (as opposed to book reviews or editorials), click in the “Article” check box under “Limit by

If too many articles are found, click on "Modify Search", add additional search words & search again.

To email, print or save an article:

  • Click on “PDF” (at the upper right of the page)
  • A new window with “JSTOR's Terms and Conditions” will be displayed; click on OK
    [If your browser blocks pop-ups, you need to hold down the CTRL key while clicking on “OK”]
  • When the pdf image file is displayed, click on the “Email”, “Print” or “Save a Copy” icons (on the pdf task bar at the top of the page)*
  • To email the full article, click on “Send Copy”, then enter e-mail address in "To:" entry box and click "Send"*
    pdf functions vary according to the specific software setup for different computers