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Printing at the Skyline College Library

Printing at Skyline College Library

How to Print

There are many different methods to print and pay for printing using Wēpa at Skyline College Library.  The Wēpa printing system allows us to provide easier and faster printing methods that can be used by anyone regardless of their account status or payment method.

Determine your payment method:

Quick Print Method for "No Account" Print Option

  1. Send a document to print on any library computer.
  2. Select the Wēpa printer you'd like to use:
    • wepa BW (black and white) or wepa BW two-sided
    • wepa color (color) or wepa color two-sided
  3. Confirm your printing options by clicking the "Print" button to send your document(s) to a Wēpa printing station.
  4. Look in the lower right corner for the Wēpa pop-up.
  5. When prompted, click on the blue "No Account - Print now and get a Wepa Codebutton (please see image below).
    • No Account - Print now and get a Wepa Code
  6. Write down your print code and bring it to the Wēpa printing station.
  7. At the Wēpa printing station, select Don’t have a card? Tap here.
    • Under Guests and Visitors at SMCCD, select Login with a Wepa account, Wepa code, and more.
    • Under Guests and Visitors at SMCCD again, select I have a Wepa code.
  8. Enter your Wēpa code and click the green Submit button.  Your document with your printing options and amount charged will appear.
  9. To pay and print:
    • To pay with a credit card or PayPal account:
      • Select the credit card/PayPal option and enter your information. 
      • Please note: There will be additional $0.40 fee added for print jobs under $5.00.
    • To pay using a Wēpa account:
      • Select Wepa Account and choose either Student or Guest.
      • Under the Student page, login using your OneLogin information and then pay the amount charged.  There is no extra fee.  Funds may be added to your account if necessary. 
      • Under Guest page, login using your personal Wēpa information and then pay the amount charged. There is no extra fee.  Funds may be added to your account if necessary.
  10. Follow directions to select document(s) and release your print job.