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Printing at the Skyline College Library


Wēpa Printing System

Starting in Spring 2022, all of the SMCCD campuses will use the Wēpa print system for printing.

  • Skyline College Library is no longer using GoPrint cards for printing. A new system called Wēpa is in place.
  • Cash printing is not currently available.  However, coming soon, the Library will have new Wēpa print cards for purchase.
  • Currently, all printing requires a Wēpa account which can be funded via credit card or PayPal.
  • Guests can also print and use a credit card or Paypal for payment.  
  • Every Skyline student has a Wēpa account. Sign in using your OneLogin/Canvas credentials.
  • Color and double-sided printing are available through the Wēpa printing system.



How much does printing cost at Skyline College Library?

Printing at all SMCCD campuses now costs:

  • Single-sided black and white printing: $0.08 per page
  • Double-sided black and white printing: $0.15 per page
  • Single-sided color printing: $0.35 per page
  • Double-sided color printing: $0.68 per page

How can I pay for printing?

Students can pay via a Wēpa account which is funded by credit card or PayPal. See the Ways to Pay section for more information. 

Guests can use credit card or Paypal via the Kiosks. They can create a Wēpa account on the site as well.


I am not a Skyline College student. Can I still print?

Yes, anyone can print at Skyline College Library. All printing requires a credit card or PayPal account for payments either by:

  • Creating a a free Wēpa account here:, add funds (starting with a $5.00 minimum deposit).
  • Printing immediately with either a credit card or PayPal account.  There will be a $0.40 charge per print session.

Learn more about creating a free Wēpa account.