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Skyline College Library now provides full, complimentary access to the Wall Street Journal website, mobile apps, curated newsletters, podcasts and videos, career insights, and more to Skyline College students and employees.

Subscription to Wall Street Journal

Skyline College Library offers unlimited access to the Wall Street Journal for all students and employees. The WSJ App can be downloaded to Apple & Android smartphones & tablets. Access WSJ at the following links:

Wall Street Journal Activation Instructions

WSJ Activation 

To activate your complimentary WSJ subscription:

  • Go to the Activation page,, where you will be prompted to sign into OneLogin. WSJ is offered through our OneLogin SSO.
  • Students will be prompted to enter their anticipated graduation date (if they remain at Skyline longer, they can contact customer service to extend access).
  • Employees, once an account has been created, will be prompted to annually refresh their account access.
  • Any email can be used to create your account (not need be .edu).
  • If you currently have personal WSJ account - please call customer service to migrate to institutional account, they can save your account preferences.


Activating Your Membership

How do current students, faculty and staff activate their complimentary membership?
Students and employees can activate their WSJ memberships directly through their school’s WSJ partnership link

If I am currently paying for a membership, how do I take advantage of the school-sponsored version?
After the personal account is closed, users will be able to activate their school-sponsored membership by going to

Find information about the refund policy in the Customer Center.
Do students receive additional benefits from The Wall Street Journal after they graduate?
Students with activated memberships qualify for the WSJ Grad Pack, which offers a discounted graduate rate that continues two years after graduation. Students will receive an automated email upon graduation from WSJ inviting them to subscribe at those exclusive rates.

Content and Usage 

What does the WSJ membership include?
The WSJ membership includes unlimited digital access to and the WSJ apps. Members can also access curated newsletters, podcasts and exclusive events/offers through WSJ+.

What content is available for students?
Students have access to the full suite of WSJ products, but can find student-centric content in several places.

The Student Hub provides a place for students to find curated content focused on job preparation, finance tips, career insights and expert advice.

The student home page, at, shares links to new opportunities from WSJ. This includes opportunities to have their work published on, relevant podcasts and newsletters, and updates about when WSJ will be at their campus.

How far back do the WSJ digital archives go?
The digital archives on go back four years on a rolling basis. 

How can professors incorporate WSJ content into their courses?
WSJ Context is a new tool for instructors to easily create and share reading lists with their students. In-depth instructions of how to use WSJ Context are provided to the university’s main contact as a part of the professor resources in the WSJ Media Pack. Check out WSJ Tools for Instructors.