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ENGL 105 - Williams


Welcome! This research guide is for students of Prof. Rob Williams who are studying the theme of "the new masculinity" this Fall, 2020. My name is Jessica Silver-Sharp and I'm one of the Skyline College librarians available to help you find and evaluate sources for your assignments by chat, email or zoom.



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Essay Assignment #2

ENGL 105 Rob Williams Essay 2 Assignment Spring 2021 Semester

Modern Masculinity

For this Essay, you will need to explore Masculinity Today.

What is the ‘state’ of masculinity today? Are things getting better, or are they getting worse?

You will be writing about where we get our ideas or images of masculinity, and using the article “The New Depictions of Masculinity,” argue whether or not society needs to alter that idea of masculinity or argue if that change is already happening, and if so, provide an example.

THESIS: In essence, your Thesis will answer the question: Using a specific example, describe what you believe is the state of masculinity today and what is the significance (the SO WHAT?)?

Additional Information

As an example of today’s changing ideas about masculinity, you are free to use one of the following. Your example should be from the last 5 years. Nothing before 2017.

(an) Advertisement—something that depicts a particular view or definition of masculinity or manhood—think about the Detergent Ad (from the magazine HGTV) that depicts a father and baby.

NOTE: you CANNOT write about the Gillette Ad (‘We Believe: The Best Man Can Be’)

A Film or TV Show that has a depiction of ‘modern masculinity’

A Song—must be recent (within the last 5 years); you will also need to write about the singer/performer & possibly the songwriter

An Art Piece (painting, photo, sculpture, photo exhibit/show) that is depicting or defining masculinity or manhood

A Movement—something that is related to this topic (Male Feminists, etc.)

A Person (a personality, celebrity, sports, politician, activist, etc.) who you feel fits this topic


Some Questions to Consider:

What have been traditional definitions or ideals of masculinity and what makes a ‘real man’?

What is wrong or problematic about traditional definitions of masculinity?

Is there a current or modern or new ‘Masculinity’ happening today?

How is masculinity or our definitions of masculinity changing—or is it?

Is it changing? Is it enough? Why is this important/significant?

Essay 2 Requirements:

3-5 pages, typed

Move beyond the 5 paragraph Essay Structure. This means you should have a minimum of 4 Body Paragraphs, plus the Introduction Paragraph and Conclusion Paragraph

MLA Formatting is Required, including:

Works Cited, double-spaced, indented paragraph, Name Date Class Assignment on top LEFT, last name and page number top RIGHT.

1 inch margins on each side


You must use the article/interview “The New Depictions of Masculinity” by Megan Hine

You must have at least 2 Additional Outside Sources.

One source should be an approved/valid article on your topic/about your topic. Work with Skyline Library/Librarians to find credible and valid outside sources.

If you use an AD, Song, Film, TV Show, you must also cite it (we will go over how to do this).

DUE Dates:

Wed. March 17: Essay 2 Prompt Given; brainstorming ideas for Topic

Wed. March 24: Topic Due; Thesis and Introduction Paragraph Work

Fri. March 26: Introduction Paragraph DUE

Week of April 5-9: Body Paragraph Work & Finding/Using your Outside Sources

Wed. April 7th: Quote Assignment Due (quotes from sources)

Fri. April 9th: Body Paragraphs 1-2 & Outline of Rest of Essay Due

Wed. April 14th: Work on Rough Drafts

Thurs. April 15th: ROUGH DRAFT TURNED IN FOR PEER REVIEW by 11:59 p.m.—NO LATE ROUGH DRAFTS ACCEPTED. Peer Review = 100 Points.

Mon. April 19: PEER REVIEWS MUST BE FINISHED--Revision Strategies and Works Cited DUE

Wed. April 21: FINAL DRAFT DUE with WC, Checklist, and Reflection Paragraph

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