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ENGL 105 - Williams


Welcome! This research guide is for students of Prof. Rob Williams who are studying the theme of "the new masculinity" this Fall, 2020. My name is Jessica Silver-Sharp and I'm one of the Skyline College librarians available to help you find and evaluate sources for your assignments by chat, email or zoom.



If you'd like one-on-one research help, please make an appointment with me using the button under my picture on this page.

If you have any questions you need answered right way, please contact a Skyline College Librarian 

Essay Assignment #4

ENGL 100 & 105 Rob Williams Essay 4 Assignment Fall 2020 Semester


For this last essay, one of your examples (and thus sources) is the book, Once More to the Rodeo. This Essay asks you to respond to the book AND to find at least TWO outside Sources/Research. You may use what you wrote for your Midterm in this Essay—but you will need to expand upon it and as stated above, find two sources to help enhance your point. So, WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT? You will recognize the questions below from the Midterm BUT they have been modified for this assignment. CHOOSE JUST ONE FOR YOUR TOPIC:

1. How is Toxic Masculinity still an issue in society and what can be done to combat Toxic Masculinity today? In your Essay, use, as one example, Calvin Hennick and his book Once More to the Rodeo. What are two examples of Toxic Masculinity either experienced or perpetrated by Calvin, and what does he do to try to stop the cycle of toxic masculinity in his own life and with his son?

OR 2. How important are positive role models in a young man’s life and what or who makes a good role model? Remember that role models for boys don’t have to be tough guys, in fact, they don’t even have to be men. In your Essay, use as at least one example, Calvin and his experience growing up (as described in his book Once More to the Rodeo). What kind of male role models did Calvin have growing up and how does this experience affect the way he raises, or wants to raise, his son Nile? How does this relate to the topic of masculinity?

OR 3. What, in your opinion, are at least two of the biggest struggles young men face today in regards to standards and expectations of masculinity or ‘being a man’? Feel free to narrow this topic even more: young men of color, young queer men, etc. In your Essay, use Calvin, from Once More to the Rodeo, as one of your examples. What are two of the things Calvin struggles with throughout the memoir and how are these related to masculinity or the pressures boys and men feel to live up to certain standards of masculinity? How do Calvin’s struggles mirror the struggles men face today?

Essay Requirements: MLA Formatting 4 pages minimum—try not to surpass 7 pages maximum. (4-6 pages is ideal) Sources: 1 Source is the book Once More to the Rodeo – everyone must use this in their essay. Minimum of two ADDITIONAL outside sources (this does not include the book); approved/validated by instructor or librarian.

Remember you can always reach out to one of the librarians for help! They love this stuff!

Tutoring & Meeting With Me (Instructor) I recommend making an appointment to work with one of the tutors in The Learning Center throughout the process of writing your essay (Abby De Los Reyes is an excellent tutor who has worked with my classes, but all of the tutors are great).

I also give Extra Credit for working with a tutor. As always, you can make an appointment with me to go over your ideas, your Thesis, Intro, Paragraphs, Sources, Quotes, etc.

DUE DATES: Monday, Nov. 16: Topic and Thesis DUE. Wed. Nov. 18th: Introduction Paragraph DUE Fri. Nov. 20th: Outline/Body Paragraph Plan DUE & 1st Outside Source Mon. Nov. 23: Body Paragraph 1-2 DUE Wed. Nov. 25: 2nd Outside Source DUE Mon. Nov. 30: Body Paragraphs 3-5 DUE Fri. Dec. 4th: ROUGH DRAFT DUE—Late Rough Drafts will not be accepted. LATE OR MISSING ROUGH DRAFT = -50% OFF OF FINAL DRAFT GRADE (Failing) Sun. Dec. 6th: Peer Review for your 2 Partners’ DUE Fri. Dec. 11th: FINAL DRAFT DUE w/Works Cited, Checklist, & Reflection Paragraph

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