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Stories of Transformation Film Festival

The “Stories of Transformation” Film Festival provides a forum to celebrate our Skyline College community’s rich cultural diversity as well as our district’s diverse student enrollment and discuss important issues of diversity, equity and inclusion that promote a shared humanity. 

The annual event is designed to foster an open and inclusive campus by sharing films that spotlight the strength and spirit of diverse groups and individuals from the around the world who have experienced their own transformative journeys. We will use art as springboard for exploring social justice issues in a safe space that encourages honest discourse.

We are excited to share stories that reflect the ideas of discovery, innovation, and change that are integral to stories of transformation. 

Stories of Transformation is funded through the generosity of the San Mateo Community College District EEOC Diversity Project Grant.

Our Team


Danni Redding Lapuz

Dean of Social Sciences/Creative Arts


Tamara Perkins 

Filmmaker & Film Instructor      



Pia Walawalkar                          

Outreach & Equity Librarian            


Chris Woo

Program Services Coordinator, SS/CA Division



Clair Yeo-Sugajski

International Student Club Advisor