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Science Projects and Reports

Zooniverse, from Citizen Science Alliance.
"Zooniverse is a website of citizen science projects for students, professionals, and the general public.  It has been developed and is maintained by the Citizen Science Alliance—a group that works with universities and other partners to produce appropriate projects for public engagement.  More than 1 million people use Zooniverse to participate in the collection of information and data in the areas of space science, climate, the humanities, nature, biology, and physics.  The analysis of photos, letters, music, and other data resources is all accomplished online.  None of the current projects requires extensive training nor specialized educational background.  There are no fees and no credentials to submit (but participants are required to complete the free registration).  Some sample projects include the analysis of solar storms and sunspots, modeling Earth's climate using ships' logs, transcribing letters from WW I soldiers, tracking California condors, and documenting kelp forests or the prevalence of algae in coastal waters.  Educators can access various resources for the classroom and could use this site to introduce students to principles of scientific observation and participation.  The site features a list of published papers dating from 2008–2015; most of these are available via the freely accessible ArXiv platform." -- Choice Reviews Online (P. M. Storm, Eastern Michigan University)