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PSYC 105 TAM Experimental Psychology: Find Scholarly Articles

Library Workshops--the plan

Workshop 1

In class, we'll explore approaches to finding & evaluating Information related to Psychology and/or Education Topics

  • Librarian Introduction (chat)
  • Answer Research Process Survey
  • Exploring vocabulary related to your topic using Google (activity)
  • Review search structures for databases (discussion)
  • Breaking down a research question into search terms/ Complete Search Topics  Worksheet (activity)

Workshop 2

  • Evaluating Sources (discussion)
  • Lab time--search your topic and Complete Annotated Bibliography Worksheet.

Recommended Subject Databases


OneSearch (To log into our databases off-campus you'll need to use your email or Canvas login.)
Search a cross-section of Skyline Library's book catalog & article databases to find:

  • Books
  • Magazine Articles
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Scholarly Journal Articles 
  • Video Matierals


In the search box, type the search words for a separate concept.

- Type an OR between synonymous or related words for the same concept example: (PTSD OR "childhood trauma" )
- Use quote marks “ ” around search phrases (multiple words that should be searched together), e.g. “human rights"

For example:

(PTSD OR "childhood trauma" ) immigration

Quick Survey