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Online Education & Support During COVID-19 Closures

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Copyright & Emergency Online Teaching

Copyright experts in the United States are providing updated guidance for applying fair use in our emergency online teaching situation. 

Recommended Readings about Online Education

Recommended Readings about Online Education


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How to Import Library Information Literacy Tutorial into your Canvas Course

Faculty members (ENGL 100/105 or any other course such as COMM, ECE, ESOL, etc.) that need or want to provide this information literacy instruction can embed Skyline College Library' Information Literacy Tutorial. They need to be added to the information Literacy Course as a TA or Teacher.  Then they should be able ot use these instructions to import the tutorial into their own course(s). 


Below are the instructions for adding the tutorial.


1. Go to: “Settings” in your Canvas course.

2. Click on: “Import Course Content.”

3. Select: “Copy a Canvas Course.”

4. Then, search for: “Skyline College Info Lit”, and select the course.

5. Check: “All content” and clicked “import” to finish it.