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Comm140 Powell : Homework Videos

Homework for Library Workshop 4/14/2020

Hello, Students in Professor Powell's Comm 140 class!

I'm looking forward to working with you next week.

Before we meet please please complete this homework assignment. 

1.  Complete the survey below.

2.  Watch  the  videos on this page

3.  Download the Pre-Library Homework assignment and upload your completed work into Canvas



Video 1 - Who Do You Trust & Why?

Who do you trust and why?  How do we know which information sources are trustworthy, credible, & relevant? 

Watch this video to learn more about the ways we think about the information we value.

CC BY NC  Video by OkStateLibrary

Video 2a & 2b Types of Information

How is the information produced and shared?  What can different formats tell us about the information we find? 

How can we identify different types of sources? 

What are the purposes and intended audiences for different types of articles?

Watch these two videos to learn more about the ways we think about, and categorize the information we value.

CC BY NC  Video by OkStateLibrary

Video 3a & 3b Evaluating Sources & Fact Checking

When we find information, in order to decide if it is trustworthy, credible & relevantwe need to ask ourselves questions about the information we find.

Watch these 2 videos about evaluating resources.


CC BY NC  Video by OkStateLibrary

CC BY NCStanford University Libraries. "How to evaluate sources."