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Information Literacy Tutorial

This Section

Searching, evaluating and ethically using information involves a series of processes we engage in across various aspects of our lives. We continually develop our information habits over time.   

The videos and other information in this section are selected from a wealth of information available about information literacy

The videos are designed to make us think about our information habits and how to modify and improve those habits in academic settings and beyond.

Please watch the videos in section 1.  Click on CC for closed captioning for the video if you want to read as well as listen to the content.

Then take Quiz 1.

Research As Conversation

Academic Research is a conversation.  In what ways is it a conversation?

How can we participate in that conversation?

Watch this video to learn about research as conversation.

CC BY NC  Video by OkStateLibrary

Who Do You Trust & Why?

Who do you trust and why?  How do we know which information sources are trustworthy, credible, & relevant? 

Watch this video to learn more about the ways we think about the information we value.

CC BY NC  Video by OkStateLibrary

Types of Information

How is the information produced and shared?  What can different formats tell us about the information we find? 

How can we identify different types of sources? 

What are the purposes and intended audiences for different types of articles?

Watch these two videos to learn more about the ways we think about, and categorize the information we value.

CC BY NC  Video by OkStateLibrary

CC BY NC  Research 101 Robert E. Kennedy Library, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Choose a Topic

Which comes first--choosing a topic or doing research?    Is it a linear process or is it a cycle?  What are the components of the research process? 

Watch this video to learn more about exploring topics and building a research question.

What is Research Process?

A research process is a step-by-step approach for developing a research paper. It generally involves several activities

  • developing a research question
  • doing background research by identifying, locating, evaluating, and analyzing relevant information
  • synthesizing the information to support your point of view
  • presenting the information ethically by giving appropriate credit

Some activities might be simultaneous. You might develop and refine your question after locating and evaluating your sources. Your search for relevant sources may continue after you read and analyze some sources and refer to their references/bibliographies.