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ENGL 100 - Stereotype Threat: Introducing OneSearch

English 100: Stereotype Threat

What's OneSearch?

What's OneSearch?

OneSearch enables users to find articles, books, and more all in one search. In technical terms, OneSearch is a "web-scale discovery" tool. It's similar to Google, only OneSearch is academic and includes Peninsula Library System (PLS) books and other media.

How do I access OneSearch?

Access OneSearch right from Skyline College Library’s homepage. The search box is embedded front and center.

Why should I use OneSearch?

OneSearch is a great place to start searching. You can find something on almost any topic. It includes many article databases and our PLS library catalog. Plus you easily email articles to yourself and copy pre-made MLA citations right into your paper.

What is included in OneSearch?

OneSearch has millions of items and includes all PLS Library books, eBooks, and most articles. Plus, OneSearch includes citations.

Is everything in OneSearch available as full text?

Almost everything! You can get online articles and eBooks immediately. Select the PDF icon or use the Get Full Text link to find the full text. (OneSearch's default setting is to find items immediately available through the Peninsula Library System).

Should I always use OneSearch?

Should I always use OneSearch?

It depends on your purpose.

OneSearch retrieves a lot of results. You can get fewer results by using a subject-specific database. See the Library's Databases page to find subject-specific databases or view the Library's Research Guides for recommended databases for your topic.

Use OneSearch to:

  • Discover articles, books, and more in one search
  • Search narrow topics
  • Conduct comprehensive literature reviews
  • Stay current on a topic
  • Find a few items on a topic
  • Save resources in one place
  • Obtain pre-made APA or MLA citations

WHEN should I use OneSearch versus a subject database?

OneSearch does not have the same advanced search features as individual library databases. For example, you can limit search results to specific research methodologies (e.g., qualitative or quantitative) in ProQuest Psychology but not in OneSearch.

Likewise for subject-specific controlled vocabulary and research population limits.

Search within a specific academic discipline using Browse Databases by Subject from the Library's homepage.

Ask a Librarian!

A Reference librarian can help you:

Determine which database is most likely to lead you to articles or materials on your topic

Help you determine if an article or journal is scholarly

Develop an effective search strategy for your research paper

Choose search terms for database and library catalog searching

Find citations from books and articles to locate additional materials