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Engl 105: Social Justice: Your Assignment: What's Your Topic?

Your Assignment

For your complete assignment check your class in canvas.  Here is a little bit about your research paper.   Reaching into your own background and personal interests, or more globally within your larger community, you will choose a topic that is interesting to you to research in 8-10 pages. Your paper can be about social justice or another issue that addresses how humans treat each other, whether interpersonally in groups, or institutionally.

Compile an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 10 sources.

  • Use a minimum of 3 approved book or journal and 4 online sources from relevant, quality, credible sources from the Skyline College Library website.
  •  Cite all of your resources using MLA formatting.

Explore & Select Your Research Topic Using Databases

Not sure what Social Justice issues you want to research and write about? 

Explore topics related to social issues by browsing topics in some of the library databases list below (if you're off-campus you'll need your library barcode and PIN to access these links):

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