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Climate Change: Research Assignments

GEOL 105 - Professor Grandy

Impacts of Climate Change Questions

Answer the following questions based on a recent article that you select from a reputable news source dealing with an impact of climate change.
Be prepared to discuss your article in class next time.

Title of Article:







  1. Summarize your article in 1-2 sentences.


  1. How is the impact related to climate change?


  1. Who did the study?


  1. What methods did they use?


  1. What are their findings?


  1. Is this an ongoing study or is there more work planned?

  2. Based on what you have learned in this class, do you think the problem is truly related to climate change and is it truly a problem?

Honors Assignment: Solutions to Climate Change

Assignment: Your assignment is to research a potential solution or mitigation to climate change. This can be something that you have thought of or that has already been proposed by others. You can focus on a technology (i.e. solar power, carbon sequestration, etc.) or on a management strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (See the ideas listed below, but please feel free to be creative and find a topic that interests you.)

 Due: 4/10 at 12:35 pm

Your paper should include:

  • Description of the idea/technology
  • Discussion of what it would take to implement and what potential hurdles exist (money, policy, technology, etc.)
  • The potential impact on climate and climate change. This should be quantitative – eg. If you are describing a program to reduce driving, how many cars would be taken off the road and how much less CO2 would be emitted as a result, etc.
  • Also, let us know if anyone has tried your approach yet and to what level of success.
  • Anything else that is of interest
  • Reference section at the end with references cited in APA format. See APA formatting guidelines pages on the website.

Length/Format: Your paper should be between 1000-1500 words. It should be typed, single-spaced, and be sure that you both proofread and spell check. I also recommend having someone else edit your paper. You may include figures in your paper if they help the reader to understand what you are talking about. If you do include figures, please use figure captions. You should use at least 3 references. All of the resources should be scientific agencies or publications and at least one of those should be a peer-reviewed scientific resource. Use proper citation for references both in the text and at the end of the paper. (**Remember – plagiarism is cheating and not using proper citation is plagiarism.**)

Presentation: Each student will present their findings to the class. The presentation is worth 20 points on the total grade. We will talk more about this as the time approaches.

Example topics: (you are not constrained to the ideas below – in fact I prefer you come up with your own idea.)

  • Alternative energies (1 or alternatives in general)
  • Electric cars
  • Improved Public Transportation
  • Reducing junk mail
  • Promoting vegetarianism
  • Sequestering carbon underground
  • Increasing photosynthesis of marine organisms
  • etc., etc., etc., - there are so many options. Please just pick something that interests you!

Grade: Maximum of 60 points may be earned for this assignment. Your grade will be based on the quality of your research and clarity of presentation of your ideas – both in writing and orally to your classmates. (Note: 10 points will be automatically subtracted if it is after the beginning of class. 5 points will be deducted for each week it is late thereafter. No papers will be accepted two weeks beyond the due date.)

Submissions: You may submit your paper here or turn it in in class.