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MLA Citation Style 8th Edition: Publisher

Publisher (Works Cited)

Publisher is the seventh core element. The company or organization primarily responsible for producing the source or making it available is the publisher. For example, book publisher (usually listed on the title page), the person, institution or agency responsible for a website, TV or film studio distributor, theater company, and government agency, etc.

  • This element begins with a capital letter because it will almost always be a proper noun.
  • Use shortened forms of publisher names. For example, "University Press" is shortened to "UP". Omit all business words like "Company", "Corporation", "Incorporated", and "Limited".
  • If more than one party appears to be equally responsible for the source, document both separated by a forward slash "/".
  • If the name of a publisher is not indicated on the source cited, but available in another reliable source, cite the name in square brackets (MLA 2.6.1); do not use n.p.
  • When an organization is both author and publisher of a work, the organization’s name is now given only once, usually as the publisher (25). No author is stated.
  • Some sources will not have a publisher (MLA 42). Common examples include articles from periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers), self-published works, websites with no publisher listed, websites which use the publisher's name as the title, and websites functioning as a container instead of a publisher like YouTube,, JSTOR, etc.
  • This element ends with a comma.


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Part of the information above is adapted from IRSC Libraries.