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MLA Citation Style 8th Edition: Unpublished Document, Including Class Handout

Unpublished document

Citation description:
Author's Last Name, First Name. "Title of Document." Date of document. Organization associated with document.  Description of document (e.g., flyer, leaflet, memo or handout).

Note: The title of the document is required. If the document does not have an official title, provide a description of the document. If any other of the above information is not given, leave the information out.

Citation example:

Jackson, Boris. "Security Policy." Brookfield State College, MN. Memo to college faculty. 

Class handout quoting another source

Citation description:
Last Name of Author of quoted source, First Name. "Title of work from a published collection. (e.g. poem or article)." Title of Publication (book or periodical). "Title of Handout." Title of course, (Name of instructor,) Date of handout, Name of school. Handout.

Note: If any of the above information other than the title of the work is not given, leave the information out.

Citation example:

Aldiss, Brian. "Flight 063." "Icarus Poems: A Selective Arachniography." Composition, Literature and Critical Thinking: English 110, Professor Jeff Westfall, Feb. 2006, Skyline CollegeHandout. 


Citation description:

Last Name of Author, First Name. Letter to (receiver's name). Date. Location if any.

Citation example:

Frank, Ann. Letter to Christiane van Maarsen. 28 Mar. 1942.

Lincoln, Abraham. Letter to George Robertson. 15 Aug. 1855. Abraham Lincoln Online, . Accessed 8 May 2017.