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California History: Books...

PLS Online Catalog

Skyline College shares its book catalog with other San Mateo County community colleges and public libraries from Burlingame to Menlo Park.

Search for keywords from your topic and use the yellow "hold" button 

(top or bottom of the page) to request a book from any of these libraries and pick it up at Skyline College.

California History by time period, group or issue (examples)

Search the book catalog for "California" and "history" - and, depending on your topic, a word describing a time period (e.g. Depression), a group (e.g. workers, women or Chinese), an issue (e.g. discrimation or race or rights), a place, etc.

Prefer browsing the shelves?

Start with F856-870. Note, however, that books on a specific aspect of California's history, or about a particular person/group might be shelved elsewhere.

California History (general)