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Chinese-American History

Online Search Tips

Rather than putting a full sentence into an online search box, it canmagnifying glass icon

be more productive to focus your topic down into a few search words. To combine them, follow these search tips:

  • use quotes around two more more words that MUST stay together
  • use AND between words that MUST show up in your search
  • use OR between synonyms (you don't care which word shows up, but one MUST)
  • search string: the way you combine all your search words with ORs and ANDs and quotes

Google Search Tip

Google Search Tips

1. Search within a single domain. Simply enter your search term followed by “site: Domain”.


Nutrition and children  

2. search for an exact phrase or quote 

covid-19 "increased risk"

3. Use ~ to synonym

Covid-19 ~hypertension

4. Search for a specific file type. 

Covid-19 “increased risk” filetype:pdf