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Respiratory Care

Recommended Web Resources

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality : Clinical Guidelines and Recommendations

Skyline College Respiratory Therapy Program

Cancer Support Community

Center for Disease Control

Chest X-ray Atlas: From Dr. A.J. Chandrasekhar, M.D.


National Cancer Institute

National Guideline Clearinghouse

Occupational Outlook Handbook for Respiratory Therapists: includes nature of work, job outlook, earnings, more.

Podcasts -- American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Podcasts in this series comment on articles that deal with important topics within the field and help research findings reach a wider audience.

R.A.L.E. Repository: presents digital recordings of respiratory sounds in health and disease. You can access these sounds by selecting from the normal, wheezes, crackles and other items listed under the Repository menu.

World Health Organization 


Lung Sounds

Lung Sounds: These lungs sounds are accompanied by online instruction.

Lung Sounds: Digital recordings of respiratory sounds in health and disease. These are breath sounds that doctors, nurses, respiratory and physical therapists hear with a stethoscope when they auscultate the chest of a patient.

Breath Sounds: A collection of breath sounds you can listen to online.

The Auscultation Assistant: Listen to three different breath sounds on this site sponsored by UCLA.

Breath Sounds: More breath sounds from Loyola University.