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Ethnic and Cultural Diversity: Asian Americans

Web Resources

Asian Americans

Health Reach: "An information portal to issues affecting the health and well-being of Asian Americans in the United States." Covers major Asian populations, medical journals, communicating with Asian children about health issues, statistics, complementary and alternative medicine, and other health topics. Includes many related links. From the National Library of Medicine.

Asian-Nation: The Landscape of Asian America: An "information source on the historical, political, demographic, and cultural issues that make up today’s diverse Asian American community."

Becoming American: The Chinese Experience: Companion to PBS documentary provides biographical portraits, eyewitness accounts, a timeline, a Chinese American history quiz, a viewer's guide, and links to related resources.

Documenting the Southeast Asian Experience: Historical materials from UC Irvine's Southeast Asian Archive, documenting the resettlement experiences of refugees and immigrants from the former Indochina, with a special focus on the large communities established in California.

Echoes of Freedom: South Asian Pioneers in California, 1899-1965: An illustrated history of early Indian immigrants to California (primarily Sikhs from Punjab), featuring photographs, documents, and publications. From the South/Southeast Asia Library, University of CaliforniaBerkeley.

Hirasaki National Resource Center: From the library at the Japanese American National Museum, many important resources about the Japanese American experience in the 20th century. Especially useful fact sheets, historical timelines, bibliographies, and more.

Korean American Digital Archive: Over 13,000 pages of documents, over 1,900 photographs, and over 150 sound files that document the Korean American community between 1903 and 1965.

Separate Lives, Broken Dreams: A site about the Chinese Exclusion Act, which until its repeal in 1943 "barred all Chinese from U.S. citizenship by naturalization." View immigration documents and photographs, Chinese exclusion literature such as speeches and satirical cartoons, a glossary of terms, government documents, information on researching family records, a bibliography, and related links. From the National Asian American Telecommunications Association.

U.S. Census Bureau Facts for Features: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Facts and statistics about this observance planned "to coincide with two important anniversaries: the arrival in the United States of first Japanese immigrants (May 7, 1843) and the completion of the transcontinental railroad (May 10, 1869)." Topics include population, ethnicity, language, income, education, and military service. From the U.S. Census Bureau.


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